3.13 ASD Information Sessions
  To accomodate students unable to attend an in person ASD this semester, we have uploaded two of the information sessions from our program. The first video on Academic Programs and Experiential Learning features Onnig Dombalagian, our Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and George Denègre Professor of Law and Stacy Seicshnaydre, our Associate Dean of Experiential Learning and Public Interest Programs and William K. Christovich Professor of Law. The second video on Career Development and Student Resources features our Assistant Dean of Students, Abigail Gaunt, and our Assistant Dean of Career Development and Diversity Initiatives, Lezlie Griffin. Please feel free to follow up with any of our Administrative Deans via e-mail if you have questions for them after watching these videos.

Please note that these were recorded in classroom mode, so there is a blank gray box where a PowerPoint or other visual aid would normally be displayed. (We did not use any PowerPoint slides for our program, thus the blank screen)