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Important Exam Information - PLEASE READ!

It is recommended that students check the list of exam room assignments posted on the Academic Services bulletin board outside room 204 or under the Exam Information link on the Academic Services page of the TLS Intranet for any changes to room assignments before reporting to an exam room.


We will be providing bluebooks (as well as scantron sheets if required) for students in the exam room so no need to obtain those materials for yourself.  We will also be providing scratch paper for all exams in the exam room.         


You are reminded that you must check out with the proctor at the end of your examination.  All exam materials including the test, scratch paper, as well as the bluebook(s), if used, should be turned in to the proctor.    


  • We ask that you please be courteous and respectful of others who are taking exams and please do not talk in the exam rooms and keep the noise level in the hallway areas to a minimum.
  • If you have any emergency or illness which occurs during the exam period contact Dean Abigail Gaunt (room 206) immediately for any assistance.  Please DO NOT contact your instructor to avoid any breach of anonymity.


The exam room assignments, the exams on computers procedures and the Examplify User Guides may all be found under the Exam Information link on the Academic Services page of the TLS Intranet.  Please make sure that you have reviewed all of the information posted on this site. 


A copy of Examplify instructions are attached and will be available in every exam room:


  • The proctor in the exam room will indicate when the exam time will begin. Please do not begin the exam before the proctor indicates to do so, and computer users should make sure that you have selected ‘Start Exam’ when the proctor indicates to begin, so that your exam time is accurate.
  • If there are any word counts for an exam, you may access the word count function by selecting clicking the little icon next to “Essay Answer”. The student will be able to view the word count limits per question. You will also be able to highlight a portion of text for a word count of an individual selection.
  • If the exam requires separate word counts per question, use 1 for question 1, navigate 2 for question 2, etc. Or you can click the “Next” button. If a total (combined) word count is required, answer all questions in one field - do not separate answers.

Please contact Academic Services if you have any questions about this information.

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