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Important Exam Announcements

All students should review the information in the Exams FAQ document available under the Exam Information link on the TLS Intranet. 


Exams will be available on the scheduled exam date at 9 a.m. Central Standard Time (see exam schedule posted on the TLS Intranet). 


There will be a password required for all exams.  Academic Services will generate an email message via the exam software to provide the password shortly before the exam is scheduled to be available.


Exams will NOT be administered in the Law School building (Weinmann Hall).  Students are expected to complete the exams remotely and submit using the exam software, Examplify.  The Examplify may be found under the Exam Information link on the TLS Intranet. 

Specific directions for the exam will be indicated on the instruction page, or first page, of your exam questions.  The test document will be included as an attachment to the exam file.   Students will be able to access the test once they have logged in to start an exam. The test document would be found under Exam Controls or accessed in Tools once you have started the exam.    We have created a new mock test for spring 2020 which will include an attachment similar to how the test will be attached to the exam file.  The new mock test will be available beginning on April 18th.  Students should use the Spring 2020 mock test to practice use of the software and accessing an attachment so that they are prepared for the exam period. 

In an open book exam you may have and refer to any allowed texts and your notes.  Students may not collaborate or share any materials during the examination.  Students may not access the Internet during the exam unless specifically authorized by the instructor. The use of any material or devices which do not comply with Law School rules may be a violation of the Student Honor Code.

The exam software does provide a timing feature which will be used to track the time spent on the exam.   The software will automatically end when the specified time period for the exam is reached.   When time is up you should immediately end the exam and upload your completed exam answer.

If any technical problems occur with the exam software you should contact ExamSoft technical support at 866-429-8889 or  The support line is available 24/7. 

A Troubleshooting Guide which may provide guidance on dealing with exam software issues is available under the Exam Information link on the TLS Intranet.  Please save this guide for your reference. 


Any student who believes he or she needs to be excused from an examination because of illness should contact the Assistant Dean of Students, Abigail Gaunt, as soon as possible before the examination.  A student who is overcome by illness in the course of an examination and is unable to complete the examination should inform Dean Gaunt and Academic Services ( immediately.  Please refer to Section III.B of the Student Handbook for information regarding exam absences, excuses and rescheduling. 


Students with exam conflicts should submit a Reschedule Request Form to Academic Services at  Please mark every exam you have on this form, specify the exam(s) you wish to reschedule with the requested date(s), then email to   Academic Services will respond to confirm any reschedule requests.  Please note the exam rescheduling policy which is posted under the Exam Information link on the TLS Intranet before submitting your request to reschedule an exam.  


Students who receive exam-related accommodations should have received an email from Christina Roux confirming their accommodations.  If you need to modify existing accommodations or seek accommodations for the first time, you may do so by submitting an application through the Goldman Center for Student Accessibility: (  


Please be sure to complete all of the day of exam procedures as indicated below.   If you have general computer issues or problems with these day of exam procedures Contact the Law School Help Desk for help and information at or leave a message on the Law School Tech Support line at (504) 862-8666. An IT staff member will return your call as soon as possible.


Day of Exam Procedures

Ensure: (1) that your computer meets the minimum system requirements, (2) that there is plenty of free hard drive space, (3) that your computer is virus free, and (4) that your computer is free of errors by running SCANDISK on Windows (click Start Button, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Scandisk or Disk Cleanup). Familiarize yourself with the software by taking the Mock exam. Locate your A/C - battery power indicator light on your laptop to determine which light indicates you are running on A/C power (i.e. power from a wall outlet). Ensure that your battery is fully charged prior to the exam in the event there is a temporary power outage.


Contact Academic Services if you have any questions about any of this information.



Colleen Timmons

Assistant Dean, Academic Services

Tulane University School of Law

6329 Freret St., Suite 204

New Orleans, LA  70118


504-862-8373 (fax)

Here's my calendar link to schedule an appointment




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