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Important Exam Announcements



Examplify Installation Instructions (You can watch the instructional video for Examplify, and a quick start guide is also available on the ExamSoft support page.)


1.       Using FireFox, go to - Under 'Exam Takers', select LOGIN (not login with Examsoft ID).  This should prompt you for your Tulane login credentials. 

2.       Once logged in, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements, then select 'Download'.

3.       A message will appear prompting you to confirm that this device will be the one you will be using to download your exams. Click Yes to confirm.

4.       Run the installer file. Once the installation is finished, you will then be able to launch the application from the Desktop or App tray.

5.       Follow the on-screen instructions within the Examplify installer wizard.

6.       Next, launch the application. You must be connected to the internet to register the copy of Examplify and/or download exams.

7.       After installation, launch Examplify and you will be prompted to register.  When prompted, insert the Institution ID: tul and click "Next". 

8.       On the following screen, using the login ID and Password, complete the required fields then click “Sign In”.


Baseline Photo Mock Test


1.Watch this video outlining the process for completing an exam with ExamID and ExamMonitor.

Note:  This video format was for a previous version, but troubleshooting steps will still be applicable.


You may also find the information posted at -


2.      Complete the Baseline Photo Mock Test to set up your baseline photo and submit the biometric consent.    Note that the password for the baseline photo mock test is test123.




  • Prior to Exam Day -
    •          Verify: Verify that your computer’s camera is functioning properly. To do so, open your camera application on your computer and take a forward-facing picture. If you are unable to take a picture, make sure your camera drivers are up to date. Additionally, if you are on an HP device with a physical switch, make sure that is turned on as well.  
    •          Check: Verify which version of Examplify you are on. All students should be on version 2.3.8 or above prior to downloading your ExamID or ExamMonitor enabled exam.
    •          Login: Prior to downloading your ExamID or ExamMonitor enabled exams for the first time, clear registration. To clear registration, follow the instructions HERE.  Ensure you do not have any downloaded exams or pending uploads before clearing registration. 
  • On Exam Day -  
    •          Check: Prior to starting your exam, make sure you have disabled any anti-virus on your computer. To disable anti-virus on your computer, follow the steps HERE.  
    •          Login: Ensure you are logged in to your account by looking at the top of Examplify, you should see your name and ID number listed on the banner.  
    •          Verify: Before entering your exam password, make sure you can see the ‘ExamID’ and ‘ExamMonitor’ indicated under exam details. 


All students were issued a new blind grading ID for the Fall 2020 semester. You will need to login to Gibson Online to get your new blind grading ID. Make sure that you select the Fall 2020 semester to bring up the new number. 


Please contact Academic Services if there are any problems with installing the Examplify software or completing the required Baseline Photo Mock Exam.


Colleen Timmons

Assistant Dean, Academic Services

Tulane University School of Law

6329 Freret St., Suite 204

New Orleans, LA  70118


504-862-8373 (fax)

Here's my calendar link to schedule an appointment.


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