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General Exam Announcements




Students should have their blind grading ID before beginning exams.  If you do not know your exam number (blind grading ID), you can find it via Gibson Online under the Blind Grading ID option.  Your exam number is the only identifier you may put on your exam materials.  Do not indicate, in any fashion, to the professor your identity as the writer of an exam prior to the official publication of course grades.

Specific directions for the exam will be indicated on the instruction page or first page of your exam questions.  You should also plan to check the white board or screens in the exam room for any other information or instructions regarding your examination.

In a closed book exam, all books, notes, outlines, and other bags, briefcases etc. should be left in your locker.  If any of these items are brought to the exam room they must be removed from your desk area and should be placed to the front, sides, or back of the room.

In a limited open book exam, you may keep with you, and refer to, only those materials expressly authorized by the professor and identified on the instructions of your exam.  For all exams, scratch paper and bluebooks, as well as scantrons, if needed, will be provided in the exam room.

In an open book exam you may have and refer to any allowed texts and printouts of notes you brought into the exam room.  Students may not share any materials during the examination.  Students may not use any electronic devices to access notes or outlines on the student's hard drive and may not access the Internet during the exam unless specifically authorized by the instructor.

Students may use earplugs to block out surrounding noise, but may not use head phones, ear pieces, or other devices that produce sound.  Watches must be set to emit no sound; mobile phones and iWatches should be turned off.  The use of any device which does not comply with Law School rules may be a violation of the Student Honor Code.

Students are not permitted to remove any exam materials from the room during the exam or bring in additional materials once the signal to begin the exam has been given.  You may leave the exam room for short periods of time, but you will not be given extra time for absences from the room.  If you leave the room, you may not talk to anyone, including the professor, about the exam.

Although the exam software does provide a timing feature which you may use as a guide during the exam, the official time of the exam will be kept by the proctor, using the clock in the exam room.  It is your responsibility to ensure you are ready to start the exam when the proctor gives the signal.  Additional time will not be given for late arrivals.

Report to Academic Services in room 204 if you have a serious problem during the exam.  No post-exam relief will be given since it is impossible to design relief that is fair to all students.  If you have a question about the exam, become ill, have a problem with your computer, or experience some other serious situation, please alert Dean Abigail Gaunt or Dean Timmons immediately.  If you do not bring your situation to the attention of the Dean Gaunt or Dean Timmons during the exam, no relief will be granted at a later time.

If a fire alarm sounds, you should assume there may be a fire or other emergency and stop writing immediately.  The proctor will announce and write on the board the time the exam stopped.  Leave your exam on the desk and exit the building.  Remain close by so that the exam can be restarted immediately when we establish that it is safe to return to the building.  When you return to the room, do not restart the exam until the proctor announces that you may do so. 

When time is called you must immediately stop writing, scrolling or otherwise operating your computer other than to end the test and transfer the completed examination.  Failure to stop writing, scrolling or otherwise operating your computer after time is called is a violation of the Honor Code. 


When you check out with the proctor, please check to ensure that you are submitting all exam materials and scratch paper, and that your exam number appears on all materials.


Please be mindful and respectful of others who may be taking exams, and refrain from talking in the exam room once you have completed your examination.  Please pack up quietly and leave the exam room, also keeping noise to a minimum in the hallway areas.


Contact Academic Services if you have any questions about any of this information.


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