Additional Exam Announcements

  • 16 November 2020
  • Students who are taking exams remotely are expected to take their exam at the scheduled exam time.   Academic Services will send students taking exams remotely the exam password information at the scheduled time for the exam.  
  • As a reminder, students are not receiving printed copies of the exams.  The questions for each exam will appear in the question fields.  The exam document will be attached as a pdf copy.   With the exception of a take home exam, no one, either in-person or remote, is to receive or print a hard-copy of the exam document.  Specific directions for the exam will be indicated on the instruction page, or first page, of your exam.  The test document will be included as an attachment to the exam file.   Students will be able to access the test once they have logged in to start an exam. The test document would be found under Exam Controls or accessed in Tools once you have started the exam.   
  • In an open book exam you may have and refer to any texts and/or notes as permitted by the instructor.  Students may not collaborate or share any materials during the examination.  Students may not access the Internet during the exam unless specifically authorized by the exam instructions. The use of any material or devices which do not comply with Law School rules may be a violation of the Student Honor Code.
  • The exam software does provide a timing feature which will be used to track the time spent on the exam.   The software will automatically end when the specified time period for the exam is reached.   When time is up you should immediately end the exam and upload your completed exam answer.

Important Exam Announcements

  • 13 November 2020

The updated exam schedule, including room assignments and times, is posted on the Exam Information link on the TLS Intranet.  


If you are taking exams in-person before Thanksgiving, you will report to the assigned classroom at the designated time to take your exam.  There will be a proctor present to check in those students who are taking exams in-person.   Please make sure to have your student ID with you when you check in for your exam.   All students will be using the Examplify software to take exams but the ExamMonitor and ExamID features won’t be enabled for the in-person exams.   The proctor will provide in-person exam takers with the password to start their exams, and will check out those students upon completion of their exams.    


  • Rescheduled exams completed before Thanksgiving will take place at 9:00 am.  Those taking a rescheduled exam in-person should check in with Academic Services, in room 204, by 8:45 am.  Academic Services will send students taking rescheduled exams remotely the exam password information by 9:00 am.


After Thanksgiving exams are being administered remotely.   We are using the ExamID and ExamMonitor component of the Examplify software to check in and monitor students taking exams remotely.   Prior to taking exams all students will need to complete the Baseline Photo Mock Test (see instructions below) so that the ExamID function is set up for you.   The students will see that the ExamMonitor and ExamID feature is indicated when they login to take the exam on Examplify.  


  • All exams, including rescheduled exams, completed after Thanksgiving will be taken at noon CST on the scheduled exam date.  Academic Services will send all exam takers the password for the exam at that time. 


The functions of the software are the same for in-person or remote exams, with the exception that ExamMonitor and ExamID are used for remote exams but not for in-person exams (they are also not enabled for any take-home exams). 


  • If you are taking an open book exam you will be able to access your notes and documents on the desktop provided this access is allowed by the instructor.   Please make sure that you have saved any documents or notes needed for your exam(s) on your desktop.
  • Students may use blank paper as scratch paper unless specifically prohibited by the instructor.



Fall 2020 Exam Guidelines and remote exam option for students

  • 26 October 2020

Dear Students,


Fall 2020 exams will take place from November 14 to November 25.  We know that given the unique circumstances surrounding exams this semester, students have a number of exam-related questions.  Please review the attached information regarding the administration of exams for the Fall 2020 semester.  This information is also posted under the Exam Information link on the Intranet.


Fall 2020 Exam Guidelines

Spring 2021 Seminar, Directed Research and Simulation Course application process

  • 19 October 2020


Students interested in registering for Directed Research in Spring 2021 must complete a statement of interest indicating why they would like to pursue a particular project.  The statement must be written or typed on the Directed Research Application form.  The directed research application is also located on the Academic Services page of the TLS Intranet under the Course Documents heading, or may be picked up from the Academic Services Office.  No student may apply to more than one professor in the same semester for a directed research project.  Students should consult with their proposed supervising professor before completing and submitting the Directed Research Application form.   The Directed Research Application form must be turned in to the Academic Services Office by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 30th.  The faculty member will select the students who will be allowed to register for a directed research project.  Only students whose names appear on the list for directed research will be registered.  Those who are not selected are encouraged to either register for a relevant course or to reapply in the following semester. 



Students wishing to apply for a Spring 2021 seminar course should submit the seminar application form to Academic Services by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 30th.  The seminar application form is also located on the Academic Services page of the TLS Intranet under the Course Documents heading, or may be picked up from the Academic Services Office.  The selections for the seminar courses will be posted by November 9th.  Please note that students may apply for only one seminar which could meet the writing requirement, but may register for more seminar courses should there be openings available after the application process has been completed



Students who wish to enroll in a simulation course should submit their ranked preferences on the Simulation Course Survey by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 30th.  There is a survey to indicate Simulation Course Preferences at -

The Office of Academic Services will post a list of students who will be pre-registered for each simulation course before registration starts. In allocating courses, we will give priority among other considerations to those students who require additional experiential credits to graduate or for bar eligibility. Students who are not placed in their first choice of simulation course will be added to the waitlist for that course. A student who does not want to take a course for which the student is pre-registered or wait-listed should drop it through Gibson promptly and notify Academic Services. Any re

Spring 2021 Registration Materials and Class Schedule

  • 19 October 2020

The registration materials for the Spring 2021 semester are posted on the Academic Services page of the TLS Intranet under the COURSE DOCUMENTS heading.     


 The deadline to submit applications for directed research, seminar and simulation course preferences will be Friday, October 30, 2020




Registration will be conducted online via Gibson at  Log in using the same username and password used to access your Tulane email, click on the Student tab and then select the Register (drop/add) option under Student Self-Service, or you may select the Register (Add/Drop) link from the online schedule of classes at to link to online registration via Gibson. 


Registration for 3L and LLM students will begin at 8:00 am on November 11, 2020.  Registration for 2L students will begin at 8:00 am on November 12, 2020. 


First year students will not register on GIIBSON. Class schedules for 1L students will be distributed by Academic Services on November 10, 2020


Note that there will be remote opportunities for students in the spring semester.  The semester is expected to begin on Tuesday, January 19, finals are expected to take places between May 3 to May 14, and we plan to have the updated academic calendar for the spring semester posted soon. 


If there are any questions about the registration process please contact Academic Services or stop by room 204 and we will be happy to assist you.



Colleen Timmons

Assistant Dean, Academic Services

Tulane University School of Law

6329 Freret St., Suite 204

New Orleans, LA  70118


504-862-8373 (fax)

Here's my calendar link to schedule an appointment.