2021-2022 Tuition Information

  • 2 February 2021

The cost of attendance information for the 2021-2022 academic year may be found on the Financial Aid page of the TLS Intranet or the Financial Information  link on the Tulane Law School homepage.  The tuition rate table for all schools may be accessed on the University Accounts Receivable page at  


Tuition for the Summer 2021 courses held in New Orleans will be $1250 per credit hour.  The Summer Externship will be charged a flat rate of $1250. 



Colleen Timmons

Assistant Dean, Academic Services

Tulane University School of Law

6329 Freret St., Suite 204

New Orleans, LA  70118


504-862-8373 (fax)

Here's my calendar link to schedule an appointment.

Spring 2021 Exam Schedule

  • 1 February 2021

The Spring 2021 exam schedule is now posted under the Exam Information link on the TLS Intranet.   The grading deadlines for the spring semester are also posted under the Exam Information link.   The exam and remote proctoring guidelines which were in place for the Fall 2020 semester will be followed during the Spring 2021 semester.  


Rescheduling of exams due to exam conflict will begin in April.  Please refer to the exam rescheduling policy currently posted under the Exam Information link.  We will hold a Q&A session for students prior to the exam period, and will send an announcement with Zoom link once that session has been scheduled.  


Contact Academic Services at if there are any questions about exam administration.   

Bar Application Information and Notary Services

  • 19 January 2021

Dear Graduating Students,


Welcome back! I hope you had a relaxing break and that classes are off to a good start.


As initial bar application deadlines approach for several states, including Louisiana and Texas, I know some of you already have started the bar application process. If you have questions about the process, please feel free to set up a time to discuss at I’m also available to notarize documents by appointment on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (don’t sign your documents before coming in). Dean’s Certificates should be submitted to Academic Services, either by hard copy to Suite 204 or by email to, depending on the state’s instructions.


If you haven’t started this process, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the deadlines for any states you are considering (California, New York, and Florida aren’t due until April/May). You can search bar application requirements and components by jurisdiction using the interactive map here. The Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements, published by the American Bar Association, provides general information on each Bar. The book includes tables that provide an easy comparison of the rules, regulations, fees, deadlines, and general information for each state. You are encouraged to confirm the information with the jurisdiction’s bar admission directly, particularly given Covid-19 related changes.  


As a reminder to Louisiana students who completed the Law Student Registration Process in their 2L year, you must submit a separate application to sit for the bar. Visit the

1L Fall grade distribution and quartile information

  • 6 January 2021

Although 1L students do not receive a class rank in the fall semester, we do offer the following quartile information so that first year students may gauge how they are performing.

These quartile cutoffs are the only information which is available for first year students for the fall term, and are not official class standings (official class rankings are determined at the end of the spring semester once a full year of law studies is completed).   Information regarding class rankings may be found in Section IV.M of the Student Handbook.


These are the 1L quartiles following the fall semester (for informational purposes only):

25% - 3.666
33% - 3.574
50% - 3.334
75% - 2.970


The 1L grade distributions for the fall semester are now posted under the Grades link of the Academic Services page of TLS Intranet at  The list of the highest grade in each course is indicated on the grade distribution chart.


Please contact Academic Services if you have questions about this information. 

Additional Exam Announcements

  • 16 November 2020
  • Students who are taking exams remotely are expected to take their exam at the scheduled exam time.   Academic Services will send students taking exams remotely the exam password information at the scheduled time for the exam.  
  • As a reminder, students are not receiving printed copies of the exams.  The questions for each exam will appear in the question fields.  The exam document will be attached as a pdf copy.   With the exception of a take home exam, no one, either in-person or remote, is to receive or print a hard-copy of the exam document.  Specific directions for the exam will be indicated on the instruction page, or first page, of your exam.  The test document will be included as an attachment to the exam file.   Students will be able to access the test once they have logged in to start an exam. The test document would be found under Exam Controls or accessed in Tools once you have started the exam.   
  • In an open book exam you may have and refer to any texts and/or notes as permitted by the instructor.  Students may not collaborate or share any materials during the examination.  Students may not access the Internet during the exam unless specifically authorized by the exam instructions. The use of any material or devices which do not comply with Law School rules may be a violation of the Student Honor Code.
  • The exam software does provide a timing feature which will be used to track the time spent on the exam.   The software will automatically end when the specified time period for the exam is reached.   When time is up you should immediately end the exam and upload your completed exam answer.